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Good day to you my highly-esteemed-Laurentian-neighbors,

Please allow me to introduce myself: my name is Lyana, I was born in Montreal to a Quebecoise mother and a French father and I was raised in Australia. Now, before any of you ask, yes, Australia is indeed an absolutely magnificent country. I was lucky enough to grow up in its Tropical Rainforest. I lived on the rim of a volcano half an hour away from my closest neighbor, an hour from kilometers of white-golden sand and beaches and two hours away from, what we called, The City (Gold Coast). I was surrounded by Australian wilderness (yup, Koalas and Kangaroos and many, many more) and breath-taking views and to add to this dreamy picture, I was also blessed with loving parents. It was just the three of us and we had a lot of fun together. We were (are) very close and we did everything together … they also taught me French at home. They worked the land however; they were business people at heart, always on the look out for a good opportunity. In the early 80s they discovered one that would change all our lives.

A few people “in-the-know” were talking about this new product that would hit the market soon. This company was going to package a computer which was as big as an entire room into a tiny little box and people would buy it for their homes! Maybe some of you remember the Commodore 64… it was to be the first real mass-commercialized personal computer. My parents opened the very first computer center on the east coast of Australia and so began my love affair with Computers.

Without going into the details of my whole life (maybe we can share stories when we meet), I finished university and traveled the world and, eventually, I found my way back to Montreal. It was in 1994, I was 24 and my parents had moved back here to take care of my dying grandparents. I was actually visiting the family when my Father presented me the back-yard-next-door-neighbor’s son. All these years later and Martin and I are still together (thanks Daaaad).

For the first twelve years of our life together, we lived in Montreal. I worked in various Information Technology companies in Human Resources, Marketing and Sales. I traveled throughout Canada, the United States and many countries around the world and I loved what I did. It was very challenging. However, I was truly happiest when the week-end came and Martin and I (and our dog Charlot) packed up to come “up North”. Since Martin was born he’s been coming to Val-Morin (Lac Théodore) and I grew to love it as my home. So it was only natural that the day would come when we would decide to move here full-time. That day came September 1st, 2005; Martin and I left everything and headed to paradise.

Of course, I didn’t know exactly what I would do but it didn’t take long that the answer came to me. The region is full of people who are “50 years and better” and who are frustrated that technology is just passing them by. So I started wondering: what if I was to teach them to use Computers (the Internet, Digital Cameras etc…) from the comfort of their homes? I started talking of my idea to people and the positive response was overwhelming. So, gosh, why not… I was going into business for myself!!!

I therefore started, in January 2006, my own little company called “Mon Ami l’Ordi” (I can’t really directly translate but for those of you who do not speak a word of French it means My Friend the Computer). I come to your home and we sit in front of your computer and you learn whatever it is you want to learn. Maybe you travel a lot and you’d like to know how to take digital photos and then resize them and finally send them to your loved ones via the internet or, maybe you’d like to write your memoirs and therefore learn Word. Maybe you’d like to manage your investments or, play Bridge via the Internet. I could go on and on as the possibilities are endless but, you get the picture.

Take good care of you and “happy computering” …

Lyana de Gain
Mon Ami l'Ordi
(450) 530 - 8528
(450) 990 - 7873

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