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To simplify and make available information concerning new technologies (computer, smart phones, tablets, cloud, internet, etc…) thereby demystifying these for the "50 and better" age group wanting to remain active and productive in society. The goal is to offer a qualified support, adapted to individual needs, in this field of activity.
(It goes without saying, ALL students are welcomed eg. Self-employed individuals needing to organize the administratif side of their business)


Would such a service offered at your home and/or your place of work be of interest to you? See what your peers have written me over the years...
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Lessons to individuals or small groups, at home or workplace, with a flexible timetable, and a teaching method that is simple, dynamic and adapted to each case. Content is theme-based depending on interests, hobbies and specific needs, such as:

  • Introduction to the computer and its peripherals, smartphones, tablets including the creation of your "Cloud",
  • Managing your bank accounts, assets, portfolio,
  • Discovering special-interest websites for retirees,
  • Installing computer applications: anti-virus, anti-popups, etc..,
  • Updating of programs and applications,
  • Processing, organizing and saving photos and personal videos, and sharing them through the web,
  • Creating and organizing personal files,
  • Creating and using e-mail,
  • Learning to chat (Skype, Messenger, blogs...) and to use a webcam,
  • Planning and buying holidays online,
  • Surfing smartly,
  • Buying via internet (e-Bay, special online offers..),
  • Uploading music legally, saving, organizing and burning it on CDs, etc..,
  • Learning to navigate from Google maps, finding and printing point-to-point routes,
  • Finding health-related information,
  • Printing, Scanning, Faxing,
  • Using Operating Systems and Programs
    (Windows 10, Mac, Android, MS Office; Word, Excel, Databases...),
  • Gaming,
  • Joining Clubs (bridge, chess...),
  • Learning a language online,
  • Subscribing to news, weather info, magazines via internet, etc.
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I am also available for post-course support.  Help is only a phone call - or a computer click - away!

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TV Interview

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