Lyana came into my life by accident but it was the best thing that ever happened. She came to help my partner set up his new iPad. After I saw them working together, I decided to book her for some lessons to help me understand my iPhone. WOW! she is cheerful, fun, funny, kind, inspirational, positive, very knowledgeable, clear and focused.


* organize my phone apps
* organize my photos
* set up a digital agenda
* download and file information from the Internet
* print and scan from my phone
* online banking
* create documents using speaking text, incorporating images and sharing via email or texting
* translate these documents to French
* amalgamate my canvas/paper artwork with technology mediums and protecting these works with watermarks.......
And all this with only my iPhone as I don’t have a computer!

It is a great privilege and so much fun to learn with Lyana. On top of all of this, she has left me with a detailed and invaluable booklet of everything that I have learned for me to refer to in the future. As you can see from my iPhone art, she is my sunshine. Thank you Lyana.

Patricia Metayer


Dear Lyana,

For more than three years now I have been telling you how enjoyable and pleasant your courses are.
This time, I am putting pen to paper because of the power of the written word. I would like to underline that you are an exceptional teacher who keeps me captivated for two hours. I even find that the time goes by too fast so much I am having fun learning. I even feel relaxed despite the pace of the courses which are well adjusted (fast enough without wasting time).
You are an exceptional teacher because you are animated, funny, well structured, and efficient and because you are extremely knowledgeable and have the ability to properly dose your teachings so that one feels valued.
Finally, I would not hesitate for an instant to refer you to any kind of person since you are highly adaptable and trustworthy and that you are able to make people feel comfortable at first contact.
A grateful student,

Yves Messier (Translated from French)


It’s easy to be a good pupil with such a competent teacher who gives precise answers to the questions and expectations of the student, and more with all kinds of useful little tricks for the understanding of computing. Your teaching method helps one become friends with the computer but more so friends with the teacher. Thank you for your patience. I'm looking forward to our next lesson but first I'll start practicing what I learned today…

Jean-Marc Noël (Translated from French)


Dear Lyana,

I must say, it has been such a very long time since I have come across a big-hearted woman such as you.
Who would take the time to call back a customer, on a Saturday night, to give her all the help she needs?
Honestly I don't know many.

Thanks again dearest Lyana,

Dorothée Harris (Translated from French)


Hello Lyana,

I want to thank you for all your great advice that enables me to have enough knowledge to control my computers, to take advantage of the internet to manage my assests, to keep in touch with my grandchildren and to send you a word of thanks like this one.


George-Henri Parent (Translated from French)


Hi Lyana,

It has taken a while for me to get around to thanking you for your help in reducing stress and frustration when "mon ordi" was not an "ami " . Starting with your first visit in 2008, your straight forward approach helped us a great deal by explaining how to use the mysterious gadget. Your help last year when I got my "Android" device got me off to a very good start with that but the more I use it, the more I am aware that I am only using a small fraction of it's potential. Never know when I may have to ask for more help, but if I do I know where to go.


Denis Wardlow


It is with frank and cheerful laughter that Lyana found a way to accompany me on my way to acquiring the necessary knowledge towards a greater autonomy around my computer system and the information technologies.
She made child's play of this learning process. I'm grateful to her for her clarity, her efficiency, her determination and her professionalism combined with a natural enthusiasm.
I never thought that one day I could navigate with confidence among the whimsical vagaries of computing and appreciate the process.

How fortunate I was to have met you one day !

Cindy Daoust (Translated from French)
Cygne de Vie
(514) 779-6550


Good day Lyana,

I want to thank you for the precious help you gave me so I could learn how to put some order in my computer.
It is now so much easier for me to navigate within my files of photos, or recipes, or my notes.
Without you, I never would have succeeded....

I also want to mention; the paper notes that you wrote down during our lessons are still invaluable to me.
When memory fails me.... and yes it does happen... ha!ha!ha! well, I have at my fingertips all I need so not to panic.

Again, thank you so much!!

Sergine Fermini (Translated from French)


Dear Lyana, you know how much my computer can drive me crazy sometimes...but you also know how much I can love it since it helps me realize various projects.
By chance one day, our paths crossed. You've always been patient with me, supportive, comforting. Thanks to your clear and simple explanations, I'm now able to take pleasure in my computer since I understand it better.
As I use it on a daily basis, I can say that my life is more enjoyable, in part thanks to you.

Dear Lyana, you are a ray of sunshine, even on rainy days.
Thank you.

Joane Caron (Translated from French)


I would like to share my experience.
Being a regular student, I upgraded my skills from poor to average + !
Lyana uses words that are easy to understand and answers all questions.

Thank you dearest teacher.
Your "best student"

Robert Tousignant (Translated from French)


Must be a year and a half ago that I first had the good fortune of working with Lyana.
She taught me everything I know on my laptop, my computer and my tablet; the organization, the methods etc...
From the very first moment, I felt confident and at ease. She became my very good friend...

Thanks Lyana, without you I certainly would be neither as smart nor as interested.
You know how to communicate your passion. My wish ? To continue enjoying the pleasure of our happy get-togethers.

Dominique Biscotti (Translated from French)
Le Pommier Fleuri
(819) 326-7133


So many times I got discouraged in front of my computer before I found Lyana. Of course I could get by, but it was laborious, complicated and above all it was a painful waste of time.

As my work is in good part internet generated, one day, having made up my mind to seek help, I found a business card on the counter of a computer shop that said "computer courses at home". I called and felt myself so at ease that I immediately booked an appointment.

Life was indeed good to me that day!

On the very first lesson, I knew that Lyana would become the go-to person I would rely on to meet my needs and make my life more enjoyable! My computers, my tablet and phone have become my friends, even my overly complicated camera!

What was then a chore is now a pleasure and my fears have vanished!! Furthermore, I don't have to worry anymore when I get a new device or a new program, I can count on Lyana.

Her professionalism, her dedication, her punctuality, her sensitivity, her patience and ... her wonderful smile make every lesson a renewed pleasure.

Thanks Lyana

Louise Lagarde (Translated from French)


Dearest Lyana,

I couldn't leave Ste-Adele without sending you a note to thank you for the many incredible lessons we had together.

You introduced me to the fascinating world of the internet and opened up so many horizons that I feel so lucky to be living in this era.
Many of my friends have attempted and lost interest in the many outstanding ways of enjoying this medium and I think I would have also lost interest had it not been for you.
Your lessons were interesting, well constructed, illuminating and most of all fun!
The two hours we spent together twice a month flew by every time!
I used to look forward to each and every one of them.
Last year, I decided to switch from PC to Mac and lo and behold.....we started a new adventure together! You were fantastic at starting all over again with me and we had even more fun discovering the new system.....you are soooo good! You are the best teacher anyone can have!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet Lyana.

Sonia Cholakian


Lyana - I must say how grateful I am to have found you. Thanks to you, I LOVE MY COMPUTER …
When we first met I was afraid to press the START button on my new computer and was regretting my purchase. But then you arrived at my house, patient, professional, organized, and knowing your business from top to bottom. I was so impressed at how thorough your knowledge was and that you could answer so many questions I had been worrying about in a simple easy way I could understand.  
All these years later I always look forward to your visits and learning new things. Not only are you funny, informative, and entertaining, with a wicked sense of humor, -- all that is just icing on the cake! -- but after each lesson, you leave me with relevant detailed information which enables me to conquer technology demons after you leave. This is so important to me, to be able to accomplish my computer projects confidently, by myself.  
And not only that, when my husband saw how smart I was getting, -- maybe even smarter than he?? -- he decided he wasn't too old to learn a few things either, so now we both share you!  We both agree that if you want a wonderful savvy teacher who knows her way around the techno-jungle, who can answer all your questions, and make it all seem uncomplicated and fun -- do yourself a favor -- phone Lyana - Mon Ami l'Ordi.  

Marlyn and Dillon McGee


Lyana has shared with me her knowledge and her know-how!

I was a neophyte and became one who can keep her own with a computer because Lyana has built my self-confidence; in fact, I have lost all fear of manipulating and experimenting with it. Lyana gave me the necessary tools to become autonomous.

If I am today passionate about information technologies, it's thanks to Lyana! Always abreast of anything new, Lyana is generous, curious, passionate, considerate, available and professional.

Again I tell you, thanks Lyana. I wouldn't dream of doing without your expertise!

Monique Martel (Translated from French)


After 17 years of retirement, I was genuinely frightened of all new technologies.  She taught me how to use today’s computer, internet and digital camera, etc.  She increased my level of knowledge exponentially in such a short period of time.  Her uplifting personality makes you feel at ease during each and every session.  Lyana’s ongoing encouragement and professional teaching methods have led to results far beyond my expectation.  Her lessons have been invaluable to me.  
Not only would I highly recommend Lyana as a most excellent teacher, I will continue to use her service for quite some time – to keep abreast with tomorrow’s ever changing technology.

Diana Boutin


We are a retired couple who wanted to learn about using the Internet with the objective of organizing our outings and travels from the comfort of our home. A friend referred us to Mon Ami l'Ordi. Lyana came to tutor us at home and not only did we learn about the Internet but, during the course of the past year, we were able to deepen our knowledge of computers beyond all our expectations. She still comes to give us a lesson every two weeks and every time we are waiting for her next visit with anticipation: not only is she a very congenial person, but she has been able to respond precisely to our individual needs as I was more computer proficient than my partner. Thank you Lyana for your patience.

Suzanne Guérin and Robert Tousignant (Translated from French)
(Still clients)


My computer lessons with Lyana de Gain of Mon Ami l'Ordi were first aimed to be solely a help in the management of my photos, a great passion of mine. However, little by little I came to realize the vast array of possibilities related to computing, be it the Internet or the effective management and organization of my computer itself. It was obvious I wasn't using to their full potential all the resources offered. So I decided to take more lessons at the end of which I found myself more proficient and able to maximize the efficacy and output of this wonderful tool. Today, I genuinely feel up to date with all the available benefits of my computer at my fingertips. 

Céline Roy (Translated from French)
(Still a client)


As career people and professionals we are more and more subjected to the ever growing demands of the world of Information Technology. As a medical general practitioner and in the framework of continual professional education, I had as a first step to begin integrating the computerized information of each patient. Conjunctly, as a cosmetic practitioner (BOTOX & FILLERS), I had to quickly learn to electronically monitor all case file "images" (both before and after treatment). Mon Ami l'Ordi offered me a personalized service and was able to customize it to suit my needs. While remaining pragmatic always, Lyana (Mrs. Mon Ami l'Ordi) knows how to prod me onwards towards more knowledge in a most agreeable way. Thank you Mon Ami l'Ordi.

Sophie-Lisa Vallée, general practitioner (Translated from French)
Ste-Agathe des Monts
(Still a client)


Finally! I have found the best way to communicate with my Friends found all around the world: thank you computer, thank you e-mail and mostly, thank you Lyana.

Renée Bédard (Translated from French)

Lyana de Gain
Mon Ami l'Ordi
(450) 530 - 8528
(450) 990 - 7873

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